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Some material played on Demented Radio
contains language or content which may not
be suitable for younger audience members.
Listener discretion is advised.

   We depend greatly on the generous financial
donations of
listeners like you to help
keep Demented Radio going.

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Important Changes

In case you missed the posts on our Facebook page, we've moved our stream to a new, more secure server. Which means that the links to our our streams have also changed.

Not to worry though, the new links can be found in the center column of this page. You can also tune in via iTunes
(under Internet Radio -> Comedy)
and Alexa...Just say
"Alexa, install Demented Radio",
and after she confirms it's installed,
then just say
"Alexa, play Demented Radio"
whenever you want to listen.

We're back!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Though the GoFundMe drive for donations to help us purchase the new automation software we needed didn't go as well as we'd hoped, a very generous listener (Steve Kosakura) did contribute $100. And we will be sending some nifty Demented Radio SWAG Steve's way very soon.

Along with Steve's donation and what we were able to scrape from the bottom of our piggy banks and out from in between the couch cushions, plus some of my Christmas bonus, we were able to sucessfully come up with enough money to purchase the new automation software.

And as promised, we are now back! All systems are go, the stream is up, and everything is running well. So take don't forget to take a listen.

You can tune in several different ways via the links found in the center column of this page, and you can also find us on TuneIn and iTunes as well.

Best of all, we are now offering official Demented Radio SWAG, which you can find it

We're still putting together a few new features and other goodies, so stay tuned for more to come soon!

We Need You Help!

As you know, we've had some recent major troubles with our
automation and streaming server, including it getting hacked.

And as a result, we decided to shut things down till Jan 1, 2017,
so that we could do someclean up, revamping, and upgrading.

One of the reasons we got hacked was due to security holes in the automation system we were using.

The automation system is the software which allows us to play our content for you to enjoy via our web streams. So, we need to toss out the old system and go with a new one.

Unfortunately, it now appears that the cost to do so will exceed our small budget. Please keep in mind that Demented Radio is a hobby of sorts and not
a commercial venture, so we pay for everything to keep it running out of our own pockets.

We'd like to continue entertaining you with continued fun, mirth and merriment. But we need your help to do so.

Your contribution will ensure that we are able to get back up and running by the new year so that we can continue to can
play things that will make milk come out your nose for another 10 years and beyond.

So please go to
and click on the Donate Now button to show your support.

We thank you in advance for your support.

Important Update!

As you know, we've had several major server issues the past few weeks (including getting hacked).

So, we've decided for now to put the webcast on hiatus until
Jan 1st 2017.

This will allow us to do some much needed upgrades, revamps and other improvements to the server and streams in order to make them more solid and secure.

Until then, be sure to check here and also every so often for periodic updates.

Major Server Failure

Well, I guess after 10 years of uptime, it had to eventaully happen.

We had a major failure of the automation system two night ago and had to reinstall it completely from scratch,
including re-populating it with all of our content, re-adding scripts, events, and everything else.

We are currently back up and online, and are slowly re-implementing everyting that's still missing.

It's gonna be a long week.

For the latest updates on the fight against increasing webcasting royalty fees, visit